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NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE IMPOUNDED CARS FOR 2014/2015 AUCTION. DO YOU NEED A CAR??IF YES! HERE IS A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, NEW TOKUNBOR CARS FOR AUCTION AT SEME BORDER LAGOS NIGERIA, BY THE REGIONAL COMPTROLLER,OFFICER AYOOLA OLADAHUNSI BORN IN 1966,MARRIED AND WORKING AS THE HEAD OF AUCTION SALES AND TARRIF DEPARTMENT IN THE NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE (NCS) WAREHOUSES AT SEME BORDER IN BADAGRY LAGOS NIGERIA, SERVING NUMBER NCS1054 A NATIVE OF OGUN STATE FROM ABEOKUTA SOUTH LGA , THIS CARS WERE IMPOUNDED BY THE NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE (NCS) DUE TO ILLEGAL IMPORTATION INTO THE COUNTRY,THEY ARE READILY AVAILABLE AT GIVE AWAY PRICES ..IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OWNING A VERY SOUND VEHICLE AT CHEAPER RATE .;RATING FROM 200,000 UPWARD;THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR INDIVIDUALS TO GET A SOUND VEHICLE AT A CHEAPER RATE. THIS VEHICLES ARE IN THE CUSTOM WAREHOUSES IN SEME BORDER IN NIGERIA AWAITING REMOVAL BY CLEARANCE, INTERESTED BUYERS ARE TO BOOKED DOWN FOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION FIRST BEFORE HAVING THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION FOR CLEARANCE. VEHICLE REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT ARE AS FOLLOW: 1.NATIONAL ID-CARD 2.LOCAL GOVERNMENT OF ORIGIN 3.BIRTH CERTIFICATE 4.DRIVING LICENSE 5.TWO PHOTOGRAPH PASSPORT CONTACT NAME: (AYOOLA OLADAHUNSI) CONTACT NUMBER:(08143092643) OFFICE VIA EMAIL ADDRESS: (nigeriacustomservice2015auction@auctioneer.net) There are lot of cars raging from: Toyota;Acura SUV;Mercedes Benz;Honda;Bmw,Busses; Trucks;Vans Ford SUV;Hyundai;Suzuki;Nissan;Power-Bikes. E.T.C If you are interested in owning your personal car at Little cost call the Customs officerAYOOLA OLADAHUNSI to get your vehicle for little cost NOTE: Offer Valid While Stock Last; Money back guarantee Prices of some Toyota cars >TOYOTA HIGHLANDER SUV • TOYOTA LANDCRUISER SUV-N650,000 • TOYOTA PRADO N630,000 • TOYOTA COROLLA –N400,000 • TOYOTA CAMRY –N300,000-N570,000 • TOYOTA AVENSIS – N400,000-N600,000 • TOYOTA YARIS – N500,000 . TOYOTA AVALON- N400,000-N600,000 . TOYOTA SIENNA- N300,000-N500,000 . TOYOTA PICNIC- N300,000-N500,000 • TOYOTA VENZA – N500,000 . TOYOTA 4RUNNER-N450,000 • TOYOTA RAV4 SUV –N650,000 • TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP-N800,000 • TOYOTA DYNA TRUCK – N700,000 • TOYOTA HIACE BUS – N750,000 • TOYOTA COASTER BUS 32 seaters – N1,000,000 Prices of some Peugeot Cars .Peugeot c230 N400,000 .C300 N500,000 .207 CC306,307 CC .406,607,806,,Partner Combi prices of some Honda cars .HONDA CIVIC – N450,000 .HONDA ACCORD – N400,000 .HONDA ODYSSEY – N620,000 .HONDA CR-V – N500,000 .HONDA PILOT – N500,000 .HONDA ELEMENT -N350,000 .HONDA PILOT – N400,000 .HONDA PRELUDE- N250,000 .HONDA RIDGELINE -N450,000 Prices of some Nissan cars • Nissan SUNNY – N350,000 • Nissan Civilian 30 seater bus – N800,000 • Nissan Pathfinder SUV – N450,000 . NISSAN ALMERA-N400,000, . NISSAN FRONNTIER-N400,000 . NISSAN MURANO -N350,000, . NISSAN PRIMERA-N300,000 . NISSAN QUEST-N400,000, . NISSAN XTERRA- N450,000 price of some mercedez benz cars . MERCEDEZ BENZ 190-Series- N300,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ 200-Series- N300,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ 300-Series- N350,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ 320 – N400,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ 450 – N600,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ 500-Series- N650,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ 600 – N700,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ C 200 – N300,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ CLK-Class-N400,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ E-Class-N600,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ G-Class-N700,000 . MERCEDEZ BENZ ML 320-N550,000 .MERCEDEZ BENZ ML 350-N500,000 prices of some volkwagen cars . VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE- N300,000 . VOLKSWAGEN BORA- N250,000 . VOLKSWAGEN Golf3- N200,000 . VOLKSWAGEN GOLF4- N350,000 . VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 5 AND 6- N500,000 . VOLKSWAGEN JETTA- N300,000 . VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT- N300,000 and lots more. ***ALL BUYERS SHOULD NOTE THAT BUYING OF NIGERIA AUCTION VEHICLES HAS NO COMPLICATIONS, SINCE ALL THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS WILL BE HANDED OVER TO CUSTOMERS TO AVOID SUCH, ALL BUYERS NEEDS AN AUTHORIZATION PAPER TO VISIT THE WAREHOUSE, WHICH WILL BE GIVEN AFTER REGISTRATION. REGISTRATION PROCESS Scan the following to nigeriacustomservice2015auction@auctioneer.net a. National id card, international passport or driver’s license b. Local Gov. of origin certificate c. Birth certificate d. A single passport for your warrant card CONTACT NAME:REGIONAL COMPTROLLER , MRS AYOOLA OLADAHUNSI CONTACT NUMBER: 08143092643 OFFICE ADDRESS: 2025A Badagry expressway,operation2-Enforcement office,seme border command,LAGOS/SEME BORDER MAILING ADDRESS: nigeriacustomservice2015auction@auctioneer.net. ***NOTE:All individual are allowed to buy more than one car in this on-going auction INDIVIDUAL BUYING FOR HIS/HER PERSONAL USE MODEL/YEAR OF MANUFACTURE……….1996 t0 2014 INTERIOR…………………….LEATHER AND FABRIC AC……….CHILLING FACTORY AC WHEEL…………………..GOOD TYRE, ALLOY WHEEL ASKING PRICE………………Ranging from #200,000 to #600,000.00 SELLER COMMENT- The car performance performs well, non accident, non salvaged. NOTE. MONEY REFUND GUARANTEED


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